We Have a Communication Problem

As the polling or the anecdotal feedback continues to roll in, we see a troubling narrative: the average baptized Catholic in America is being inundated with negativity about the Catholic Church and our clergy. Whatever your ministry or circle of concern, there has never been a more urgent need to communicate the facts about the Church, or to remind the faithful of those things that made us Catholic in the first place. This is not a sales pitch. There will never be a program to buy. Like you, we are concerned Catholics who wish to stand up for their Church.

You could join the thousands of individuals, parishes, dioceses, and apostolates in this very simple campaign. It costs nothing except a few moments of your time. The experiment, however, could be priceless.

Consider this:

Our Current State

Facing the reality of where Catholics stand today.

have been made aware of sex abuse by Catholic clergy through secular media. The facts are often incorrect and salacious.

think abuse in the church is ongoing or happening now. 59% aren’t even aware that the Dallas Charter for the protection of children and young people exists.

say the news has negatively impacted their faith in God on some level. A new record low, only 31% say Catholic clergy have “high,” or “very high,” standards of honesty or ethics.

*Statistics from 2018 exit polling of Catholics (Gallup, USCCB)*

The reality is the Catholic Church in the United States is not experiencing a crisis of current sexual abuse of minors by clergy. We are experiencing a crisis of confidence in the Church today – and the mission of tomorrow is being jeopardized – because of the sins of the past and our inability to communicate with the average Catholic.


Without naivete about the realities we face, we still believe Christians can be helped to replace low morale and confusion with renewed commitment and energy. The same polling used above also revealed that Catholics still call their religion “very important”. More than ever we need leaders in the Church – LIKE YOU – to stand up and remind the faithful just who and what the Catholic Church really is.

Together we can:

Our Common Goal

Lift Spirits & Motivate

Unleash a professionally-made, morale-boosting campaign for free, one which would accentuate your parish or diocese’s current efforts, not interfere with them.

Educate & Restore Confidence

For less than 15 minutes of your time, by sharing these videos on your digital media channels, you could help hundreds of thousands learn the facts and how to better to protect children.

Experiment & Learn

In doing so, you’ll be building a network of Catholics who learn about our ability to communicate, educating your peers in the Church, and allowing us all to better serve our communities.


What would it look like?

With the Vatican meeting on Catholic Sex Abuse approaching (February 21-24), it is reasonable to imagine we will once again experience a wave of negative information from the media. Rather than sit back and wonder what effect this is having on the public or average Catholics (and what that could mean for your local realities), we propose we talk directly to our people!

Imagine every one of us, using all of our communication channels, and all at the same time. This intentional and organic act could trigger social media “trending,” and provide the faithful with the facts, and more importantly the reminder, that the Catholic Church is so much more than we often realize.

Click on these steps to learn about the coordination, the content, and the steps involved:

Jan-Feb 8

We form the network

Feb 15

A Community That is More Than You Realize

Feb 22

Please take this survey and be an active voice in this movement.

Mar 1

Starting the Conversation is More Than You Realize

Apr 2

Education is More Than You Realize

Apr 19

“Way of The Cross” prayer and march.

The Big Picture

Why would I want to get involved?

Why would your Bishop/Pastor want to get involved?

It goes without saying that your Bishop or pastor seeks to restore or embolden their flock’s confidence in the Church. These four simple videos (and optional “Way of The Cross”) will come at a time when the secular media may continue to report on the sex abuse scandal, creating false perceptions within our communities. By sharing this content, and encouraging others to do the same, this campaign will help us motivate our base and present the facts.

Why would your CFO/Business Manager want to get involved?

A community with flagging morale, confusion, or without answers will lead to financial difficulties eventually. This campaign could help in those areas!

Why would your Ministry Leaders / Evangelists want to get involved?

No one knows better than them that positivity and a sense of spirit need to constantly be renewed among our fellow ministers and anyone we hope to accompany on their journey.

The value of each INDIVIDUAL'S collaboration

If together we found a way to truly influence social and direct communications to our people, that would be an invaluable foundation for future PR issues and for proactively motivating our base. That would be priceless.

Why Now?

The time has already passed to respond to this issue. We need to fill the void with positive and factual messaging and begin learning more about our reach.

Get Involved

By joining the campaign, you are merely communicating that you would like to get updates, preview the video content, and are interested in sharing on the preset date. You are not committing to anything and will ultimately decide whether to share them or not. You also open up a communication channel to provide your own insights to help us strengthen the content of this and future campaigns.