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By joining the campaign, you are merely communicating that you would like to get updates, preview the video content, and are interested in sharing on the preset date. You are not committing to anything and will ultimately decide whether to share them or not. You also open up a channel to provide your own insights to help us strengthen the content of this campaign.

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Welcome to the network! Your participation means More Than You Realize. Together, we will begin raising morale, communicating the facts, and LEARNING a great deal about how we can best network and communicate more effectively.

Each piece of content will be helpful to the central goals we’ve described, but each piece also has a unique presentation style and tone. This could teach us a great deal about the content we should present in the future.

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Don’t Forget!

  • It is important that we all share the same post at the same time. This will increase our reach and get the video trending.
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