A Community that is

more than you realize

About the Video


Imagine if the Catholic Church had a super bowl commercial. The goal is establishing us as a community that’s more relevant than ever, reminding us of the awe of our reach, and reminding us that Christ will use us – regular men and woman – to carry his mission forward.

Primary Good

Raise the morale of the faithful.

Secondary Good

Evaluate the reach and reaction of positive, well produced and intelligent content.


We see a cross section of Americans observing the insufficient ways our culture is able to deal with relevant issues like so many people do today (politics, identity, science, technology, family life, and spirituality). They “wish there was a community that” could see the issue more holistically. It’s revealed that a community exists that actually does. It’s slowly revealed to be the Catholic Church. The final act admits the faults of our members but also calls us, regular men and women, as members of the world’s oldest and greatest community, to carry Christ’s mission forward.


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