Grow as a disciple of Jesus

It was in meeting Jesus personally that the faith began for the disciples. Christ called himself “the way…” (Jn 14:6), so it was natural for his earliest disciples to refer to themselves as followers of “the way” (14 NT references). This “way” is how Christianity grew and was transmitted during the early centuries. But for too many of us, what was meant to be an encounter felt a lot like school.

“The Way was a very much needed opportunity to reflect, recall and testify to how God our father, Jesus my Lord and Holy Spirit have acted in my own life. It was a grace of insight that the trials and crosses in my own life are to mold me into who HE is calling me to become.” – Ashley

Like the early Church, we think you’ll find something simple, personal and profound. 8 sessions over 2 months (online or in person) makes The Way accessible and easy to fit into your schedule. Review our intro and sign up below!

What is it?

The Way is a two-month formation experience for those who have been awakened to a personal relationship with Jesus and are wondering, “what’s next?” In The Way, you will discover how to live as a disciple of Jesus in today’s world. Each cohort has no more than 20 participants.



What to expect

  • A live group experience, easily accessible online
  • Teachings on the spiritual life
  • Guided spiritual exercises
  • A community of faith
  • Group and private prayer
  • Personal growth along the path of healing
  • Large and small group discussion
  • Attendance is capped so you have the freedom and space to ask personal questions

Who is ready?

  • Have you personally encountered Jesus and desire to follow him as a disciple?
  • Do you want to learn more about what God desires to do for you?
  • Are you willing to do some spiritual reading between sessions?
  • Are you comfortable sharing your faith journey with others?
  • Can you commit to all eight sessions?




The Way participant: A new experience.

“This gave me a sense of what the first disciples may have experienced as they followed and learned from Jesus together.”

The Way participant: Hope at the right time.

“The experience helped me to trust and hope in God more, which I truly needed at this time. Thank you.”

The Way participant: Freedom and healing.

“It helped me identify wounds that I didn’t know existed… I understand better the freedom that God desires for each one of us, and by accepting the graces He wants to give I have found encouragement and healing.”

The Way participant: Flexibility of Zoom; still personal.

“I really liked everything. Even the fact that it was via Zoom allowed a flexibility that was valuable, and the breakouts allowed for the more personal interaction.”

The Way Participant: Skeptic who loved it!

…better than I thought it would be given that it was virtual. I was hesitant to think it would be valuable, but the small group nature made it easier to connect with others. This has been great.”

What does it cost?

$50. Past participants are paying it forward to keep your cost to about $6 a session.


6. Join an upcoming Cohort

  • Cohort 20 (St. Aidan Parish)

  • Cohort 21 (St. Clare of Assisi Parish)

  • Cohort 22 (Good Samaritan Parish)