Deepen your spiritual life

“God, who is all perfection….purifying the soul with the heat of his flame, he uproots its habits from it, and prepares it, so that at last he may enter it and be united with it by his sweet, peaceful, and glorious love, as is the fire when it has entered the wood.”

– St. John of the Cross

What is it?

On Fire calls disciples to journey with others to deepen their relationship with God and discern how God is calling them to be missionary disciples for the Church. Over the course of six months, participants receive the tools to discover who they are, how to persevere in their faith, and how they are being called to follow Jesus more closely.

On Fire is for disciples who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, have submitted their lives to him, and long to deepen their spiritual life. Each cohort has no more than 12 participants.

Applications are open on a rolling basis, so you’re invited to apply at any time for upcoming cohorts.



What to expect

  • Deepen your prayer life and relationship with God
  • Experience a community of faith
  • Grow in self-knowledge and discernment
  • Learn to disciple others
  • Understand a greater vision for where God is leading you in the future

Upcoming cohorts

  • Cohort 25 | September 2021 – February 2022
  • Cohort 26 | October 2021 – February 2022
  • Cohort 27 | November 2021 – April 2022

Note: All cohorts fill up. Please apply early so you have the option to attend! View full cohort schedules on the application page.




On Fire participant: Became a facilitator.

“Transformation is at the heart of my On Fire Journey.  As a participant, I discovered the person God created and never felt more alive and empowered.  As a leader, I have walked with others by encountering Jesus in the word, in nature, in our imaginations, and in each other.”

On Fire Participant: Deeply impacted.

“It’s an intimate fellowship that I have not seen much of in the Catholic Church…I was deeply impacted by this fantastic opportunity.”

On Fire Participant: Head to heart.

“It fed me and challenged me in new ways. It took my faith from my head to my heart.”

On Fire participant: Life long Catholic.

I always thought I knew God. I thought I knew how to pray. I thought I had a good relationship with him…Now I know him in a new way, he gives me new insight, and I know how to live my life for him.”

On Fire participant: Experiencing real growth.

“I already feel that the experience thus far is leading me to face things I have been avoiding for a long time. After the retreat and with each day’s integration prayer, I feel growing peace, confidence, assurance, direction.”

On Fire participant: Please allow me to sponsor.

“I would like to sponsor someone for On Fire. This is just on my heart. Thank you, for this helped me on my journey.”

Participant commitment

  • Attend all sessions
  • Pray with Scripture daily
  • Receive 4 hours of individual coaching
  • Complete some additional reading
  • Cost: $250



Begin the application process

On Fire is our missionary discipleship collaborative. It is an advanced formative experience that is tailored to personal growth in holiness. Applying is the first step in the discernment process for entering the experience and applications are being accepted now for upcoming cohorts.

Apply today

Final steps

Once your application has been received, we will schedule an interview with you to discern your next steps.