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Why is this important?

There are two things you can’t talk about in public…and the consequences of our silence are real. Learn how this happened and why we need a new approach. We need to break down the walls with levity, charity, and civility. You are free to believe. You are free to speak.  Start the conversation.

The Video

Please take a moment to view our video below. Final edits are currently being made, but the majority of what you see and the script will stay the same. 

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How Can I get Involved?

There are two things we must not talk about in public, or even at the dinner table. You know what they are – religion and politics. The “Free To Believe, Free To Speak” campaign is meant to add a better perspective and propel each of us into action. To get this important message out, we need your help! Please be sure to watch the video and consider sharing. Here are ways you can help us:

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Pre-Launch Teaser Trailer