Religous Liberty

Free to Believe,

Free to Speak.


There are two things we must not talk about in public, or even at the dinner table. You know what they are – religion and politics.

Ironically, the reason we can’t discuss these topics civilly, or with an open mind, is precisely because we haven’t talked about them enough. Christians need to move beyond the fear and self imposed silence so we can learn from each other, bring civility to the public square, and above all, protect our religious liberty in the process.

The “Free To Believe, Free To Speak” campaign is meant to add a better perspective and propel each of us into action.

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Below are articles, videos, and other items that will help you dive deeper into a topic many Americans know little about. Educate yourself and share new perspectives with others, and show your friends and acquaintances that there are thoughtful and charitable ways to discuss key issues.

Free to Believe, Free to Speak.

Religious Liberty in 2020

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