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Team All American,

We threw this private page together to share a few video’s. With your permission, we’d like to incorporate the first two video’s into our messaging in the coming months. The first video is an excerpt of Craig sharing some of his experience and the motivation behind his most intentional projects. It was the first time we heard about the Fieldhouse, and we’ve been so inspired to see your vision begin to unfold ever since!

“It’s hard to reach the kids today. It’s hard to reach them in school, you barely reach them in church, but you can reach them on the courts and the fields… We have an opportunity to impact those lives!... God has shown me so much through sports, and that’s how we’re reaching our kids today!”

Craig Cozza

The second video we threw together to segue our event from Craig’s witness and into Father Jay’s. We loved the name and many meanings behind “Cadence.” It made for a great reminder that when we find the right Routine, Rhythm, and Rituals, our lives will find synchronicity with the heart of Christ. Cadence is More Than you Realize is an example of what we can throw together in a day or two with B-Roll.

Finally, with other projects potentially branching out from the Fieldhouse (charter school, etc.) we wanted to share a small piece of a larger project internally labelled Education is More Than You Realize. Donors, educators, and concerned parents wanted a bold statement, and the mention of particular issues, which made the task difficult. Ultimately we developed this video, which was renamed for each organizations uses or campaigns (not on MTYR platforms).

While your audiences, tone, or goals may be different, we think it’s a glimpse into the quality we can tailor to your mission.  Elements of this campaign (marketing, landing pages, trainings, and a conference) were very successful for development efforts, enrollment campaigns, and faculty formation.

Our clients asked for us to talk about some controversial issues, but with lines like “we don’t have a list of what we’re against – but we’re eager to tell you what we are for” we were able to bring the video and the wider campaign to a positive place. Elements are still used in three dioceses. Here’s a brief glimpse:

We are so grateful and honored for the opportunity to support this pioneering project!