We’ve never had more access to information and been less equipped to make sense of it. So many of us are in need of perspective, assistance, and hope.

MTYR is a reminder to stop and look closer at the world around you. If you do, we believe you’ll see the deeper meaning in everything that surrounds you.

We are excited to launch our next campaign Fall 2020.

MTYR is all about bringing our faith into everyday conversations. As research, we took to the streets and had candid interactions which hint at where we are going. Check it out!



People will ask you what the letters mean. Encounter them by being authentic, kind, accepting, and above all – be yourself rooted in Christ.

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Based on the success of the “Together” campaign, which generated more than half a million views from 40 states and 5 countries, we have begun work on our next campaign. It will tackle the topics popular in our culture and model how disciples can enter those conversations.

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